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"WE are NEW and ASIAN"

NuAsia is a remarkable band that represents the rare but growing presence of Asian artists in the country music scene. Based in Los Angeles, the band is composed of highly talented musicians of Asian heritage who share a deep passion for country songs.


Led by Roshan Seresinhe, the visionary behind their debut album, NuAsia is set to break new ground with its unique sound and powerful storytelling.


the band

At the forefront of NuAsia is the stunning and gifted lead vocalist, Saint Cloud, who co-wrote all the original tracks on their forthcoming album, Quiet Violence.

Saint Cloud, who is of Vietnamese descent, showcases her
exceptional songwriting skills in each of the album's six original tracks.


On keyboards is Isamu MacGregor, a phenomenal musician of Japanese descent, who brings an incredible depth of talent and experience to the band from his years of touring with Colbie Caillat.


On lead guitar, the fabulous Mark Flores, who is of Filipino descent, owning an impeccable resume, is considered one of the top Asian guitarists in California.

The band's rhythm section is made up of three incredibly talented musicians of Sri Lankan descent. Dhammika (DJ) Jayasinghe on bass guitar, Janesh Ruwanpathirana on percussion, and Roshan Seresinhe on drums, who also serves as the band's leader and executive producer.


With a range of ages from 20 to 60, the band proves that music truly has no age limit, and their collaboration creates a unique and memorable sound that showcases their collective talent and passion.

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"We are new and Asian, we love country music, bringing 4.5 billion people to enjoy country pop music."

-Roshan Seresinhe

Leader | Drummer | Executive Producer

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